BLINK, 2010

Two girls are watching through the camera. Their presence is shy, enticing and self-conscious at the same time. The dark, slow and dreamy atmosphere floats around them like the just ending childhood. But the fragile moment is disturbed by unknown watcher, a dim figure, blinking eyes. The demanding and defining world is piercing into their relationship.

Blink wraps together different kind of meanings and narratives of our world. The video consists of rapid moments of suspicion and feelings of alienation. A monotonic and dragging sound like a broken music box releases the story from time and place. A magical and surrealistic ambience is unleashed.

Idea & Script: Jenni Hiltunen, Director & edit: Miikka Lommi, DOP: Tuomas Järvelä, Styling: Suvi Poutiainen, Make Up & Hair: Piia Hiltunen, Music: Marco Nyberg, Photographer, Paavo Lehtonen, Models: Anna, Heikki, Maria & Paavo.


Jenni Hiltunen

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Galerie Forsblom Helsinki